S2K Enterprise | Inventory Management

Inventory Management

S2K Enterprise Inventory Management is a robust inventory system application, which allows you to track shipments, receipts and all changes in inventory. Item inquiries improve customer service through our stock status feature, which drills down to details of each transaction.  The powerful inventory master file provides detailed product data, landed cost data, pricing, purchasing formulas, and processing flags for each item.

To aid in searching, product specifications are tracked within user defined fields.  Complimentary and substitute status can be linked to each item to improve up-selling and increase fill rates.  Multiple units of measure can be formulated with unique conversion factors for each item.  S2K inventory software allows separate bar codes for each unit of measure, providing simple to track product movement within the warehouse.  Complete tracking and historical data is captured through lot number and serial number tracking features.  Utilizing the latest inventory reordering formulas, the S2K Enterprise Inventory Management software  utilizes the most up to date inventory reordering formulas which will calculate reorder points based on forecasted or historical usage,  demand, seasonal trends, and vendor lead times.

S2K Enterprise Inventory Management also features EOQ calculations, which direct buyers to the most cost-effective choices.   Easily take advantage of special discounted pricing by grouping into buy-lines for purchase analysis by product group.   Additional inventory features allow for global inquiries, providing views of current availability, inventory value, dead stock items, and suggested reorder quantities. Centralized or decentralized replenishment and purchasing can be flagged at the warehouse.