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Business Insights Explorer

Instantly access real-time, easy to understand business information, improve your business insights and turn data into actionable knowledge using Business Insights Explorer. A user-friendly inquiry and analysis interface gives you quick access to crucial information to make smarter, faster decisions about the most critical areas of your business.
Even first-time users can easily access and understand how to use this powerful reporting tool. Personalize intuitive Excel-like sorting, grouping, filtering, and charting capabilities to your specific needs and role within your company. Drill down to details and launch familiar tasks so you can immediately act on the knowledge you’ve gained.
Access quick-click charts to create a visual representation of your customized views. Quickly assess the state of your business - monitor a new product’s acceptance rate, or the impact that a competitor’s promo is having on your sales. Search for key pieces of data and access related details. Customize, share and save your views for real-time answers tomorrow or next month.
  • Optimize daily decision-making
  • Analyze “what-if” scenarios that can keep you awake at night
  • Utilize Quick-Click Charts for a visual representation of relevant information
  • Easily share dynamic information across your business
  • Drill down into details
  • Access and launch relevant tasks