Sage 100c Manufacturing

StarShip Freight

Use StarShip Freight to integrate efficient packing and an automated process into your fulfillment of larger shipments. For less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) shipments, StarShip Freight provides you with item level detail, prints the Bill of Lading (BOL), and recommends an auto-pack based on your previous shipments with carriers such as Roadway and Yellow Freight.

Reduce shipping costs by shopping for the best rates using carriers, your negotiated rates, or a mixture of both. Quickly view the transit time and freight charges before selection and get tracking information on shipment location and status.

Use the StarShip Freight Shipping Assistant to simplify pick-and-pack functionality and improve your efficiency. As you process shipments, the Shipping Assistant remembers your packaging scenarios, and provides those as auto-packing options in the future. A sophisticated two-tiered approach to packaging captures the item detail for each box, plus the box details for each pallet.

StarShip Freight Highlights

  • Swiftly convert orders using item detail to automate freight rating and Bill of Lading
  • Reduce shipping-related expenses by combining multiple orders in a single shipment
  • Capture item, box, and pallet detail using a simple drag-and-drop method
  • Identify significant shipping cost savings among multiple carriers by viewing side-by-side rate comparisons
  • Immediately add accurate shipping charges to customer invoices
  • Personalize the Shipping Assistant to your preferred level of detail
  • Print pallet and package labels using laser or thermal printers