Sage 100c Manufacturing

Fixed Assets

Effectively manage assets from acquisition to disposal, and enhance your bottom line with Fixed Assets. This comprehensive fixed asset management solution enables you to fully utilize your assets, account for their value, and reap their full tax benefits. Apply more than 300,000 IRS and GAAP rules and more than 50 methods of depreciation including MACRS, ACRS Straight Line and Declining Balance. Run depreciation calculations, create IRS-ready tax forms, define groups of assets based on any characteristic, and move fixed assets from one location or business division to another with ease. Execute partial and whole transfers plus disposals, and conduct bulk disposals with automatic gain/loss calculations. Store photos, purchase orders, warranty information, and other documents associated with each asset and view them on screen anytime.
Fixed Assets combines acknowledged depreciation expertise, user friendliness and enhanced security features with the added power and functionality that your business requires.
  • Maintain up to seven books per asset
  • Choose from over 50 depreciation methods
  • Make partial and whole transfers and disposals
  • Run more than 30 standard reports
  • Get complete audit histories on all changes