Sage 100c Manufacturing

Sales Tax
Reduce your audit risk, stay ahead of constantly changing sales tax laws and ensure compliance in every market. Sales Tax automates comprehensive sales and uses tax functions ranging from jurisdiction assignment, rate research, and maintenance to reporting, returns, and remittance calculation. This hosted Web-based solution seamlessly integrates with Sage 100 ERP and automatically performs functions on the fly within your existing accounting application – no changes required. For every calculation, Sales Tax verifies every address using a geo-coding mapping system, then calculates tax based on pre-set user configurations including nexus, tax jurisdictional issues, exception processing, product taxability rules, sourcing rules, split rates, and maximum tax, all done transparently in the background. A user-friendly interface and reporting platform provides detailed, summary, and exception reports. Drill downs to customer/invoice, product, reason for exemptions, jurisdictional information, and detailed breakouts of rates and taxes by jurisdiction.
  • Automate sales tax calculation, reporting and returns
  • Access completely accurate sales tax charts
  • Simplify functions with the instant online tax calculator
  • Prepopulate tax data for a specified filing period
  • Set best practices in sales and use tax compliance