Sage 100c Manufacturing

Bill of Materials
Produce accurate and informative reports detailing bill structures, component requirements, and production history. Bill of Materials makes it easy to create and maintain a detailed bill of the components and miscellaneous charges that make up your finished items and subassembly components. Easily accommodate after-the-fact production documentation; as each finished product is created and recorded, Bill of Materials automatically relieves the component items used from inventory, and receives the finished products into inventory. Disassembly Entry and Production Entry functions can account for disassembly of finished items, or components that are added, deleted, or modified.
  • Save time and streamline workflow using drill-down Where-Used inquiry 
  • At-a-glance view of entire bill, including subassemblies and components relationships 
  • Track revisions and ensure most recent bill is used 
  • Expand and collapse views to more accurately identify desired information 
  • Utilize up to 99 levels of subassemblies for each bill 
  • Control engineering changes 
  • Easily integrate sales kit 
  • Track costs accurately using flexible cost roll-up reports 
  • Accommodate and track yield and scrap

(formerly ERP MAS 90, 200, and 200 SQL)