Sage 300 ERP

Warehouse Management
Sage 300 ERP warehouse management solutions allow users to focus their operations to improve every aspect of warehouse performance. Users are able to reduce costs in warehouse operations, from picking, packing and shipping to internal stock movement.
With Warehouse Suite by Accellos, users can:
  • Improve warehouse performance through enhanced productivity resulting in increased profitability 
  • Improve inventory accuracy while maximizing operational efficiencies 
  • Streamline materials handling processes and warehouse operations 
  • Gain real-time visibility into the warehouse and supply chain 
  • Meet retail compliance requirements 
  • Reduce warehouse walk time though directed picking
  • Allocate stock to orders based on warehouse-specific rules or impromptu requirements 
  • Eradicate data entry and keying errors associated with manual processes 
  • Use real-time cycle counting to maintain an accurate perpetual inventory without interrupting operations 
  • Implement flexible bin rules for greater control of inventory 
  • Move product from bin to bin with ease and without losing track of anything 
  • Integrate multi-carrier shipping to further stream line outbound processes 
  • Increase order accuracy by reducing handling of goods
  • Validate items using wireless devices as they are picked, packed and received ensuring that the right goods are shipped to the right customer on time, every time. 
  • Group multiple orders and pick them in a single pass 
  • Drive cost out of warehouse operations, including receiving, stock movement, picking, packing, and shipping 
  • Process more orders without the need for additional warehouse staff 
  • Maintain, easily track, and access product stored in multiple bins 
  • Meet more complex customer requirements