Sage Intactt | Project Accounting


Connect services delivery with finance for efficient and profitable business management.
  • Streamline and automate the capture of all billable and non-billable time and expenses.
  • Reduce revenue leakage, maximize billable hours, gain control over current project costs and margins, and forecast more accurately for future projects.
  • Speed UP and maximize cash collection and revenue recognition for improved cash flow.
  • Proactively manage project revenue, costs, and margins for improved profitability.
  • Gain real time visibility into backlogs, and their impact on recognized and deferred revenue.
  • Ensure that bids reflect the true cost of implementation and include adequate margins.
  • Gain insight into project and customer profitability.

Sage Intacct Project Accounting software provides comprehensive capabilities to unify, automate, and streamline the financial and operational processes throughout the services delivery lifecycle. Combine Sage Intacct Project Accounting software with our best-in-class cloud-based financial management and accounting applications to maximize performance and profitability, provide better service to clients, and boost financial visibility for better real-time decision making throughout the project-to-cash lifecycle.