Sage Intactt | Revenue Recognition

Revenue Recognition

Boost finance productivity, streamline billing processes, cut closing processes, fortify audit trails, and lower the cost of compliance.
  • Automate end-to-end revenue recognition, billing, and renewal processes, whatever the complexity of your revenue model.
  • Manage increasingly complex revenue recognition guidelines, including SOP 97-2, 98-9, 81-1, EITF 00-21, 08-01, and 09-03.
  • Eliminate the need for manually intensive, error prone spreadsheets to manage revenue recognition processes.
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by up to 25%.
  • Increase renewal revenues by 25% to 30%.
  • Gain anytime, anywhere access to all your financials including deferred revenue, renewal revenue and revenue recognition reports and graphs.

Manage subscription and contract based financial relationships more effectively with Sage Intacct Revenue Management software. Automate billing, revenue recognition, forecasting, and renewals to improve the effectiveness of your finance organization and to lower your cost of compliance.