SAP Business All-In-One | Inventory Management

Inventory Management

SAP Business All-In-One ERP solution facilitates effective inventory management for midsize manufacturing and distribution businesses. The system helps track the quantity, movement, and value of stock accurately and efficiently. Powered by SAP HANA in-memory database, SAP Business All-In-One has the functionality to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations. All stock transactions update automatically into appropriate ledgers.

SAP Business All-In-One enterprise resource planning software integrates the following functionalities specific to manufacturing and distribution companies:

Inventory and Warehouse Management  — Manage receipts, picking and packing, physical stock transfers, and internal stock movement. Perform physical inventory and monitor the quantity and value of materials to help optimize all warehouse resources. Real-time monitoring of warehouse activities via radio frequency and barcode scanning assists to manage workload planning.

Transportation Management —  Create optimal transportation plans and monitor shipments to deliver goods on time and within budget. Rule-based automation and collaborative order combination help to consolidate deliveries and reduce costs. Manage multiple reports and processes required for international transactions.

Inbound and Outbound Logistics — Manage the logistics of incoming and outgoing goods with multiple manufacturers and customers. Gain the ability to effectively monitor receipts, track external demand, and manage advanced shipping notifications. Track outbound processes including delivery and distribution activities, and documenting proof of delivery.