SAP Business All-In-One | Purchasing Processes

Purchasing Processes

SAP Business All-In-One ERP system delivers a streamlined procure-to-pay process in one integrated solution. The purchasing process management module creates detailed and accurate records of every purchase including price, quantity, and shipping details. Cut procurement costs, streamline sourcing and purchasing processes, and build supplier relationships.

SAP Business All-In-One enterprise resource planning software gives manufacturing and distribution businesses the tools to integrate purchase orders with logistics processes. Optimize the entire supply cycle process from sourcing to delivery. Find best suppliers, increase purchasing power, and decrease sourcing cycle times.

SAP Business All-In-One ERP system provides the following capabilities:

  • Create purchase requirements manually or automatically based on material requirements planning (MRP).

  • Source purchases automatically or assign suppliers via contracts.

  • Coordinate inventory levels with data based on automatic updates in the general ledger via the goods receipt function.

  • Automatic processing includes matching invoices against agreed upon purchase prices and quantities delivered.

  • Maintain vendor and item data in one central location for full visibility of the purchasing process.