SAP Business All-In-One | Operational Planning

Operational Planning

SAP Business All-In-One ERP system offers midsize manufacturing and distribution businesses the necessary tools to maintain operational excellence via efficient business processes. Gain the ability to forecast and plan for product demand and product characteristics with state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms. Increased visibility into operations helps to streamline services, logistics, workforce, and manufacturing processes.

SAP Business All-In-One enterprise resource planning software can be implemented to meet the specific needs of businesses. Enhanced agility functionalities offer companies improved effectiveness to respond quickly to change, elevate service levels, and reduce errors and costs. Capture actual production information for complete visibility across all shop-floor processes for increased efficiency and streamlined processing.

SAP Business All-In-One ERP solution offers the following features and benefits for midsize manufacturing and distribution businesses:

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting provides the tools needed to forecast and plan anticipated product demand.

  • Safety Stock Planning permits safety stock and target stock levels to be assigned in all inventories in the supply network.

  • Supply Network Planning integrates purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation plans for comprehensive tactical planning.

  • Distribution Planning helps to determine best short-term strategies to allocate available stock to meet current demand.

  • Supply Network Collaboration delivers improved visibility into supply and demand across the supply network.