SAP Business ByDesign | Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

SAP Business ByDesign ERP delivers robust supply chain management (SCM) functionality to small- and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses. Gain the ability to plan, manage, and control production related processes for more effective collaboration with suppliers and customers. The SCM module helps to close the gap between supply chain planning and supply chain execution via enhanced integration within the centralized data platform. Real-time analytics provide complete transparency into the SCM functionality for a more unified warehouse environment.

A key advantage of the SCM module in SAP ByDesign is its quality assurance (QA) functionality that provides end-to-end capabilities and helps to promote quality engineering directly into product design and processes. Track QA from design through production to the warehouse. Document integration of supply chain processes such as QA agreements, graphical instructions, specifications, and inspection results foster company-wide collaboration.

SAP Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning solution offers the following benefits and features in it’s SCM module:

  • Product development accelerates time to market and assures that product design meets customer specification.

  • Planning and control help to control material flow with an exception-driven approach.

  • Mobile support improves the efficiency of manufacturing and warehousing processes.

  • Integrated, real-time views of operations help to optimize processes and shrink costs.

  • Demand forecasting aids in reducing inventory costs and increasing profitability.