SAP Business One | Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

SAP Business One ERP system offers manufacturing and distribution businesses the ability to manage customer data with ease. The solution’s Web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality allows users to access customer information remotely anytime, from anywhere. Store and manage order histories and appointment reminders. Create multiple contact lists for email, phone, and snail mail campaigns.

SAP Business One offers a 360-degree view of customers and their needs providing businesses with the ability to offer customers the right products and services at the right time for increased customer satisfaction. Effective sales and opportunity management help to deliver faster and more successful sales conversions.

Access all transaction history such as terms, discounts, credit limits, and bank and credit card information. The user-friendly dashboard in Business One gives a complete overview of account balances, deliveries, orders, and pipeline opportunities. Anticipate customer needs based on historical information to better align production and inventory with sales.

Increase level of customer service post-sale with the capacity to respond faster to service calls and better manage warranties and service contracts.

The key benefits of SAP Business One CRM enterprise resource planning solution include the following features:

  • Easily manage all sales-related customer data with full synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Quickly create detailed reports with predefined report templates.

  • Manage warranty and service contracts efficiently and gain the ability to respond to service calls quickly.

  • Speed up response times with access to all customer data in one place.

  • Track sales opportunities and activities from initial contact to close.