SAP Business One | Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

SAP Business One ERP solution offers manufacturing and distributing businesses a wide range of financial reports including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, profitability reports, cash flow analysis, budget reports, and multi-period comparisons.

The Financial Reporting module in SAP Business One is a comprehensive, integrated solution designed to optimize financial processes with extensive reporting options including the ability to create customized Microsoft Excel-based templates designed to meet individual requirements. The report organizer helps to manage and efficiently distribute reports to financial managers and auditors.

The following standard reports are available in SAP Business One enterprise resource planning Financial Reporting module:

Customer Receivables Aging Financial Report  — A critical report used for managing cash flow. Helps to evaluate the quality of customers’ credit and to determine the amount and duration of money owed to the business. This report is a monetary controller of the Sales A/R module.

Vendor Liabilities Aging Financial Report — Assists in determining the amount and duration of money owed to vendors. This report is a monetary controller of the Purchasing A/R module.

Balance Sheet Financial Report — Offers insight into the financial health of the company by showing a summary of the business’s value of assets, liabilities, and ownership equity.

Trial Balance Financial Report — Compares the balances between different companies or posting periods.

Profit and Loss Financial Report — Provides a summary of the company’s profits and losses during a specified period of time.