SYSPRO | Espresso Mobile

Espresso Mobile


SYSPRO Espresso Mobile delivers much more than a conventional bar coding solution. Through a wireless connection it gives you remote access to your SYSPRO system via a barcode reader or PDA, so wherever you are in the factory, you can control materials movements in your SYSPRO ERP system and view key management information - all in real time.

The Value of SYSPRO Mobile

  • Inventory Accuracy: all transactions are validated at the source (operators cannot enter invalid information), and the flow of data into SYSPRO is complete seamless.
  • Real-Time Visibility: there is no need for batch transfers or downloading of data- access to the
  • SYSPRO system is instant and transactions immediate.
  • Multi-Location Capability: designed to operate as effectively at remote locations as it is to operate locally, with the same speed of operation, and instantaneous flow of data to SYSPRO ERP.
  • Minimizing Errors: SYSPRO Mobile employs bar-coded data capture wherever possible to dramatically reduce data keying errors.

SYSPRO Mobile technical specifications

  • SYSPRO Mobile supports SYSPRO Version 6.0 and onwards. It can be used with any handheld device,
  • running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or later, including barcode readers and PDA’s. Network requirements include Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), a standard feature of Windows 2000 and onwards, and an 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network.

SYSPRO Mobile modules and configurations

  • Queries Module
  • Executive View: KPIs at managers’ fingertips are displayed on a PDA in real time.
  • Customer Query: allows a search by individual customer, with contact details, summary of account and invoice status.
  • Stock Query: quick access to stock information, including stock-on-hand and allocated stock.
  • Job Query: instant access to WIP information, including material allocations, job start and delivery dates.
  • Purchase Order Query: provides quick access to purchase order information.

Sales Order Picking Module

  • Enables warehouse users to view and pick stock codes for sales orders. Barcode scanning and stock code verification ensures that users ship what the customer ordered.

Purchase Order Receiving Module

  • Give complete control from Purchase Orders receipt to confirmation of delivery.