SYSPRO | Contact Management

Contact Management
To provide visibility of the communications (or activities) that occur between the touch-points of organizations and to facilitate the proactive intervention by management, improve relationships, and eliminate duplication of effort.

The Value of Contact Management

  • Improve customer and supplier service through in stant on-screen access to all relevant information including touch-points with your company
  • Improve new customer acquisition by allowing you to record and plan activities in a centralized environment against ‘Accounts’
  • Powerful, extensive and customizable query capability with multiple views
  • Flexible activity posting and viewing
  • Integration to Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving Email
  • Integration to Microsoft Office for across-the-organization use of SYSPRO Contact Management information
  • Structured addresses provide enhanced location support (including MS MapPoint integration)
  • Multiple Custom Forms against each Contact allows a large amount of Custom information to be structured and viewed with appropriate validation
  • Developed using the same technology as the rest of SYSPRO ERP and therefore works seamlessly with he rest of SYSPRO on Windows and Unix platforms, using SQL and ISAM databases and in a standalone or Client/Server environment
  • Virtually zero learning required as the user interface uses the very latest SYSPRO 6.0 issue 010 look and feel.


  • Seamless part of SYSPRO - integrates to appropriate SYSPRO modules in real time with no
  • configuration required (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable)
  • Microsoft Outlook used for sending and receiving Email
  • Office Integration allowing flexible and secure querying capability in MS Word and MS Excel
  • Microsoft MapPoint integration allows viewing of locations and route planning.

Querying and Reporting

  • Powerful and extensive Query capability with multiple views
  • Highly customizable look and feel. Uses docking panes and listviews to present information as you want to see it
  • Drag and Drop customization of new and existing fields
  • Easy to use search for quickly finding contact information
  • Quick zoom into Microsoft MapPoint at any appropriate address field
  • SYSPRO Reporting Services used for reporting providing highly customized reports, exports, extracts and batch capabilities
  • VBScript enabled for developer level customization.