SYSPRO | Assets Register

Asset Register
To maintain a detailed record of the company’s fixed assets by recording depreciation and current asset values, in addition to providing a facility to evaluate remaining usefulness by tracking expenditures incurred or income derived from assets.

The Value of Assets Register

  • Maintain a register of all assets and their ocations
  • Track expenses incurred for any asset
  • Calculate book and tax-based depreciation
  • Track maintenance history for each asset
  • Obtain estimates of the remaining ‘useful life’ of an asset
  • Report on disposals, revaluations and/or acquisitions
  • Provide detailed reporting and screen queries
  • Provision for initial and investment allowances
  • Manage capital expenditure items
  • Support IAS 16 regulations

Matching Assets Register to your business

  • Define fixed or variable depreciation rates
  • Multi-period accounting
  • User-defined retention of history
  • Book and Tax values plus three alternative user-defined valuations
  • Revalue financial assets
  • Asset Branch, Cost Center and/or Location transfer
  • Dispose of assets
  • Asset count process include labels with bar-codes
  • Automatically post monthly provisions to the General Ledger according to a user-defined  hierarchy
  • Calculate book depreciation and tax allowances using: Straight line; Reducing balance; Statistical or Fixed estimated useful life of asset
  • Assign assets to individual branches of the business, and/or user-defined groups and types
  • Attach sub-assets to other assets
  • Group assets for reporting purposes
  • Define variable depreciation rates for up to 14 years
  • Record revenue and expense transactions for any asset quickly and easily
  • Document and track maintenance or repair time against each asset
  • Determine profit or loss on the sale of any asset
  • Calculate depreciation and tax allowances to-date when initially adding assets
  • Control work flow budget approval and requisitioning against Capex
  • Temporarily suspend depreciation if asset is out of commission