SYSPRO | Budget Management

Budget Management for SYSPRO
To provide a complete application that streamlines the budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting process and offers rock-solid financial analysis enabling organizations to make better decisions for tomorrow with more accuracy. Link Maestro™ for SYSPRO is included to provide direct connectivity to SYSPRO facilitating the automatic exchange of financial information from SYSPRO into Budget Maestro.
The Value of Budget Maestro for SYSPRO
  • Supports the full cycle of budget development, comparing      actual results to plan, re-forecasting, contingency and  what-if scenarios
  • Includes Revenue and Expense Forecasting, Cash Flow and Financing Projections, Payroll and Fixed
  • Asset Planning
  • Unlimited financial and management report generation
  • Built-in financial intelligence and business rules – generates accurate calculations and GAAP-compliant reporting
  • Enable budget accountability from operational managers
  • No formulas or macros to create ensuring 100% accurate calculations
  • Align operations and strategy, to deliver accurate and timely financial information and monitor progress toward goals
  • Integrated, synchronized P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements ensures accurate and precise reporting
  • Know exactly how much cash you need to support growth
  • Required little IT support
  • ILow total cost of Ownership
  • Quick implementation


Matching Budget Maestro to your business
  • Use your existing SYSPRO account structure to model your business enabling accurate actual vs. plan analysis
  • Data import of accounts and balances for actual vs. budget analysis
  • Budget at the right level of detail whether that be very granular or summary consolidated levels
  • Option for activity-based budgeting “below the G/L” for example: detailed payroll planning by personnel or position
  • Ability to globally define payroll tax rates, fringe benefits and other salary related expenses
  • Built-in depreciation schedules for forecasting depreciation on planned capital acquisitions
  • Easily determine variances and trends and make changes in line with goals and forecasts.
  • Drill down to the transaction level to see underlying causes and better exploit opportunities or correct problems.
  • Examine your operation from numerous perspectives – by G/L account, manager, category, product lines, customer or any entity
  • Export budgets for import into SYSPRO to leverage existing reports and dashboards

Financial and Management Reporting

  •  Standard financial statement
  •  Dynamic drill-down reports
  •  Ad-hoc reports