SYSPRO | Payroll Interface for SYSPRO

Payroll Interface for SYSPRO

To facilitate the payment of employees in an external payroll system based on labor hours processed in SYSPRO, with subsequent updates to the Cash Book and General Ledger to ensure accurate financial reporting.
The Value of Payroll Interface for SYSPRO
  • Interfaces with ABRA Payroll and Optimum Solutions
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Export labor hours for import into Payroll system
  • Import payroll checks into the SYSPRO Cash Book module or directly into the General Ledger

Matching the Payroll Interface to your business

  • Cross reference SYSPRO employee codes to the payroll employee codes
  • Cross-reference SYSPRO work centers with the payroll work centers to ensure accurate rates are applied
  • Simple extract of labor reduces options for error
  • Extract run-time as well as setup, startup and teardown times
  • Payroll import allows summary, detailed or timesheet processing of transactions
  • Validate information before importing