SYSPRO | Lot Traceability

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To trace items from their source to current location while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates.

The Value of Lot Traceability

  • Maintain a history of traceable items for accountability and customer service follow-up
  • Keep detailed notes about inspections
  • Provide reject control and documentation
  • Furnish shelf-life control
  • Trace semi-finished or finished products from the supplier of raw materials through to the customer
  • Allow the same lot number to be used for multiple stock items
  • Archive information on traceable items to conserve disk resources
  • View an on-screen query of current and/or archived data

Matching Lot Traceability to your business

  • Query by item use (which customer, invoice, job, etc.) or by item supplied (which supplier, purchase order, stock item)
  • Trace serialized and non-serialized inventory items
  • Automatically or manually assign lot numbers as goods are received
  • Default lot number to work order number, for easy traceability
  • Document all rejects and scrap
  • Locate data when lot or serial numbers are not known with flexible search program
  • Optional auto-depletion of lots
  • Optional full or sample inspection of lots during purchase order and work order receipts
  • Ability to reserve lot numbers to manufacture in Work in Progress
  • Ability to reserve component lots for specific jobs
  • Optional tracking of lots from component to parent