SYSPRO | Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials 


To define the relationship between a manufactured item, its co- and by-product, its component materials as well as the sequence of operations required to produce the item, facilitating an accurate expected cost against which to track actual production costs. 

·      The Value of Bill of Materials

·       Supports up to 15 levels

·       Intuitive tree-view display with operational Gantt Charts

·       Analyze BOM and ‘what-if’ costs

·       Compare BOM costs to current inventory costs

·       Identify material shortages with multi-level trial kitting

·       Support planning bills, phantom parts and sub-contract operations

·       Optional components supported for sales of kits

·       Track effectivity dates of components

·       Define scrap factors for more accurate planning

·       Plan for co- and by-products, apportioning costs accurately

·      Matching Bill of Materials to your business

·       Multiple recovery rates per cost center, work center and employee

·       Track time and capacity in different units of measure

·       Define component requirements up to six decimal places

·       Document routing instructions and component notes

·       Link pictures and videos to Bill of Materials

·       Define routes per location for accurate costing and planning

·       Validate structures and operations and provide notification of potential           problems

·       Calculate BOM costs per warehouse

·       Calculate manufacturing lead times

·       ‘Where-Used’ query with ‘Replace Where-Used’ function

·       Import structure and routings from third-party systems (e.g. CAD)

·       Calculate dynamic-elapsed time and capacity required

·       Transfer rolled-up BOM costs to unit cost of item

·       Indicate move time between work centers

·       Capacity calendar per work center and productive units