SYSPRO | Factory Documentation

Factory Documentation


To provide factory production staff with clear and accurate user-defined shop floor documentation regarding the tasks to be performed and the materials required.

The Value of Factory Documentation
  • Produce material requisitions for components
  • Provide visibility of expected start and completion dates for each operation within a job
  • Set the expected duration of each operation
  • Produce production staff with routing instructions
  • Provide visibility of materials issued and operations completed, including quality control
  • Inform the production staff of the next operation to be performed (for routing)
  • Prepare job packs

Matching Factory Documentation to your business

  • Define up to four different factory documentation formats, such as:
  • Job Tickets
  • Material Requisitions
  • Route Cards
  • Travelers
  • Print bar codes on documents for use with automated data collection devices
  • Include operation instructions, technical notes and material notes on documentation
  • Print material requisitions per operation or work center
  • Generate documentation for a range of existing jobs or for selected jobs
  • Produce documentation for dummy jobs for a specified quantity based on a standard Bill of Material
  • Reprint factory documentation as required
  • Include stock code and job multimedia on documentation