SYSPRO | Planning and Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling

To provide advanced planning, scheduling and execution which enhances existing manufacturing capabilities by effectively closing the loop between ERP business functions and the shop floor, while giving managers useful, real-time information on current shop floor activities with advanced scheduling and quality control functionality.
Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

• Collect shop floor data in real-time

• Perform on the fl y what-if scheduling

• Track quality control with ability to extract quality
   information for detailed analysis

• Realize finite capacity planning and scheduling

• Receive point-of-entry late warnings

• Record progress accurately and in real-time

• Immediate comparison of planned and actual  process times

• Accurately record resource utilization

• Optimize cellular manufacturing operations

• Provide optimum utilization of resources; labor, machines and tools

• Create achievable work-to lists

• Track of work orders (jobs) linked to sales orders in real-time

The Value of SYSPRO Planning and Scheduling

• Fully-configure to model the physical factory

• Accurately model factory resources

• Schedule multi-resource

• Define attributes and schedule cell accordingly

• Identify the need for overtime or sub-contracting

• Increase efficiency operations

• Maintain a real-time schedule

• Decrease total throughput time