SYSPRO | Projects and Contracts

Projects and Contracts

To facilitate accurate profit reporting for long-term projects that require the analysis of costs and revenues at each section or level within the contract or project.

The Value of Projects and Contracts
  • Highlight profitable areas within a job
  • Identify profitable jobs within a contract
  • Compare real-time, actual, and committed costs assigned to a job
  • Show real-time, realized, and projected profits
  • Perform comprehensive reporting for jobs and/or contracts that extend over a period of time
  • Drill-down to transaction detail with job query
  • Query jobs in terms of sales, billings, cost of sales and future expected costs
  • Maintain standard hierarchies
  • Analyze at job or contract level
  • Create deposits, retentions and billing schedule based on different criteria

Matching Projects and Contracts to your business


  • Assign multiple jobs to a contract for tracking purposes
  • Estimate cost and revenue by levels or section within a contract
  • Define costing levels within a contract
  • Assign unlimited numbers of heads to a contract
  • Assign unlimited numbers of sections and subsections to a head
  • Describe the costing hierarchy at the time of creating the job or estimate
  • Reduce processing time by recalling standard costing hierarchies for similar items
  • Attach purchase order lines to the relevant hierarchy level
  • Associate material labor transactions with the relevant hierarchy level
  • Recognize revenue through Sales Orders based on the costing hierarchy
  • Adjust billing values between heads and sections
  • Base flexible billing on contract or job hierarchy
  • Apply deposit against first, last, or any progress payments
  • Reduce final invoice by retention value
  • Raise retention invoice after specified term
Product Configurator g

To facilitate rapid order configuration by non-technical people in SYSPRO Sales Orders and Quotations modules.

The Value of Product Configurator
  • Ensure viable products with rules-based configurations
  • Improve order entry by being able to configure complex products on the fly
  • Provide an option to configure a standard inventory item
  • Maintain a library of common configurations to easily recall repeat orders
  • Calculate configurations based on the dimensions selected

Matching Product Configurator to your business

  • Ideal for engineer-to-order and configure-to-order environments
  • Define selection criteria to determine the number of options presented for configuration
  • Store and recall commonly used configurations
  • Selection criteria can be optional or mandatory
  • Selections may be dependent on other selections
  • Generate labor requirements based on configuration options
  • Develop component dependencies based on options
  • Create availability of critical items before processing
  • Prevent premature use with under development indicator
  • Optionally create a new inventory part and BOM from configured selections
  • Optionally generate custom work order and linked sales order
  • Drive demand through production by generating sales orders for standard parts
  • Print selections on order documents
  • Links the options to stock codes and operations
  • Option to generate non-stocked items or kit types
  • Generate intelligent part number based on selections
  • Base costs on bill of material or inventory cost