SYSPRO ShopClock

SYSPRO ShopClock captures employee time on job / operations quickly and accurately in real-time using scanning technology. Track employee time and attendance with flexible setup options by configuring shift rules to match your shop floor labor policies.

The Value of SYSPRO ShopClock
  • Capture labor on job / operations in ‘real-ime’ and provide excellent production status visibility’
  • Automate the posting of labor transactions to SYSPRO ‘Work In Progress’ (WIP) in either traditional batch mode or instant labor posting
  • On-screen GANTT Chart provides up-to-latest second management “view” of shop floor labor activities
  • GANTT Chart horizontal “bars” are color-coded to clearly show which operations are complete, partially finished, over-budget, or non-productive time
  • Assign non-productive reason codes / descriptions in SYSPRO and capture as it happens on the shop floor
  • Log non-productive time against jobs / operations and post to GL expense accounts immediately
  • All time ‘clocking’ is instantly verified against the SYSPRO database to ensure validity
  • Clocking ‘on/off’ is fast and dependable with prompts to guide the employee plus immediate warning message and audible buzz if employee makes a mistake
  • Shifts can be defined for any number of days in advance including pre-defined labor rates for regular and overtime pay
  • Optional ‘Material Kit Issues’ can be performed directly from the shop floor
  • Use PC’s with scanners attached or Computer WiseTM terminals to best suit your environment.

Matching SYSPRO ShopClock to your business

  • Customize your time clocking data entry prompts so employees only get asked relevant questions
  • Use SYSPRO ShopClock as a labor data collection system for job costing & tracking, or as a time & attendance solution, or both
  • On-screen shop floor ‘management views’ can be quickly and easily filtered by supervisor or area of plant / employee / job / work center / operation and non-productive codes for focused visibility
  • Tailor your ‘shift rules’ to automate arrival / departure lenience rules, coffee / meal breaks, labor rates, etc.