SYSPRO | Document Flow Manager

Document Flow Manager


A component of the SYSPRO solution designed to facilitate collaborative commerce by automating document flow between trading partners.

The Value of Document Flow Manager (DFM)

  •  Automatic and instant retrieval of documents as they arrive
  •  Route or immediately process the documents without  operator intervention
  •  Interact with any available SYSPRO business objects.       e.g. automate a response via email to a request for  inventory information
  • Reduce lead time between trading partners 
  • Eliminates duplication of effort 
  • Improve customer service with automated email functionality
  • Offers 24 hour processing
  • Promotes cost saving
Matching DFM to your business
  • Provide a global business-to-business and business-to-consumer hub
  • Interact with Microsoft’s BizTalk server
  • Send email notification to the originator of processed and/or failed documents
  • Copy XML documents to failed or processed folders
  • Translate XML documents using an XSLT translator
  • SYSPRO business objects protect ERP system by enforcing business logic
  • Automate SYSPRO business objects
  • Queue messages when the main system is down
  • Track and process transactions through Microsoft Messaging Services