SYSPRO | Report Writer

Report Writer
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To fulfill your unique reporting requirements by allowing creation of additional custom reports without any programming skills.

The Value of Report Writer
  • Quickly and easily produce custom reports
  • Click-and-go reporting via the report wizard
  • Intuitive interface enables design
  • Flexible reporting with run-time prompts
  • Built-in data dictionary
  • Easy integration to third-party sources
  • Export data in multiple formats for third party use
  • Daisy-chain reports for management packs
  • Multi-level security for sensitive reports and data
  • Secured update function

Matching Report Writer to your business

  • Custom report formatting to suit your company standards
  • Bitmap backgrounds provide watermarks and company logos
  • Report in default sequence or define up to 10 levels of custom sorting
  • Flexible selection criteria based on run-time prompts
  • Run-time selection of Summary or Detail reporting
  • XML Output:
  • XML Output wizard guides you through publishing options
  • Customizable style sheets for company themes or plain XML
  • Sophisticated layout control
  • Summary reports can drill down to detail
  • Automatic publishing to Intranet and Internet available


  • Define Password and Operator/Group level security per report
  • Protect report creation and execution
  • Password protect specific tables
  • Globally restrict access to Tables and Columns
  • Standard linkages for easy reporting across multiple tables
  • Export report definitions between locations
  • Provide instruction with report narrations
  • Zero programming skills required


  • Top X reporting allows reports such as top 20 selling items
  • Grand totals and up to 5 levels of subtotals per report
  • Up to 100 user-defined variables per report
  • Run-time prompts and check boxes provide great flexibility
  • Sophisticated conditional printing and positioning
  • Simple to use click and edit interface with preview
  • Arithmetic calculations including power and square roots
  • Powerful include and exclude logic with multiple level AND/OR logic