SYSPRO | Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis

To provide accurate management information relating to sales activity in order to improve sales profitability and provide facilities for sales forecasting and planning at customer and product class levels.

The Value of Sales Analysis
  • Identify the most profitable customers
  • Know which products are selling
  • Analyze market trends and geographic buying patterns
  • Calculate the profit generated by each product
  • Determine which divisions of business are selling
  • Identify which salespeople are performing
  • Instantly display sales performance for presentations and reports with business graphics
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Measure actual performance against quantity or revenue forecasts
  • Analyze tax collections
  • Set targets against customers and/or products
  • Compare against budgets per product group and/or sales person

Matching Sales Analysis to your business

  • Choose the data to analyze with user-defined sales history options
  • Retain analysis against sub-accounts (branches) while invoicing the master account (head office)
  • Create budgets (expected sales or quotas) for salespeople, customers and product lines utilizing user-defined time period for analysis (day, week, etc.)
  • Retain up to 24 months of sales history online
  • Protect the bottom line by checking that a minimum profit is realized on all sales
  • Update sales analysis statistical files at anytime
  • Correct sales transactions without interrupting invoicing
  • Update invoice and detail line data online as invoices are printed
  • Update statistical values separately to allow control of the contents of the Sales Analysis database