SYSPRO | Sales Orders

Blanket Sales Orders


To provide facilities for setting up contracts between original manufacturers and their customers by allowing blanket sales orders with multiple release dates, multiple call-off and cumulative tracking.
The Value of Blanket Sales Orders
  • Filter changes in orders quickly to schedule purchasing, manufacturing and dispatching in order to achieve the customer’s request
  • Advise customers of the practicality of changes and communicate these changes to internal supplying department
  • Provide easy access to quantities delivered and outstanding per contract
  • Detailed query provides access to sales order lines, customer information and release history
  • Easy reconciliation according to individual quantities


Matching Blanket Sales Orders to your business


  • Control the parameters as well as the negotiated contractual arrangements
  • Define the number of days before a ship date to allocate inventory
  • Review and manipulate requests according to current capacity prior to acceptance
  • Allow simple manual and/or EDI receipt of releases and call-offs
  • Automated balancing and correction of opening balances
  • Extensive visual decision-support comparing existing plans and contractual arrangements before accepting changes
  • Recorded new releases manually or through EDI
  • Cross reference customer and supplier stock codes
  • In-transit figure visible during confirmation phase
  • Record notes against a release during confirmation
  • On-line release history query by month and year
  Purchase Orders
To monitor the quality, accuracy, lead times and costs of purchases, while providing comprehensive supplier performance analysis.

The Value of Purchase Orders

  • Detailed queries with graphical purchase order commitment
  • Place orders using current cost, last price paid or contract pricing
  • Analyze vendor performance for delivery, pricing and quality
  • Goods Received Notes (GRN) facility provides A/P to P/O matching and variance reporting
  • Streamline purchasing with requisitions and authorization procedures
  • Generate requisitions from customer back orders
  • Fax or Email P/O documents
  • Link P/O to Sales Order or Work Order

Matching Purchase Orders to your business

  • Supplier stock code cross-referencing with pricing
  • Record P/O notes using the notepad facility
  • Manage stocked and/or non-stocked items
  • Customize multiple P/O and GRN document formats
  • Expedite purchases using follow-up codes and dates
  • Retain original and revised due dates to monitor performance
  • Order for multiple due dates and warehouses
  • Two stage receipting for inspection items
  • Order stocked and non-stocked items on same order
  • Purchase in multiple units with user-defined conversion rates
  • Automatically include comments for each line item
  • Interface efficiently with data collection system
  • Receive directly into Work-in-Progress
  • Call-off against blanket P/O
  • Non-merchandise apportionment across all lines
  • Export P/O in XML format
  • Manage purchases by specifying approved manufacturers