Total ETO | Heinzen Manufacturing International

Case Study: Heinzen Manufacturing International


Solution:  Total ETO ERP

Industry: Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Location: Gilroy, CA, U.S.


About The Company


Located in Gilroy, California, Heinzen Manufacturing International (HMI) is a full-service engineering and fabrication company specializing in the design, production, and installation of food processing equipment.  HMI draws upon a wide range of depth and experience, from custom-built fruit processing lines to complete heavy construction projects.  For over 24 years, Heinzen Manufacturing has been satisfying customers with its commitment to customers, R&D and the development process to ensure the equipment built for customers is easy to access, inspect, sanitize, maintain and operate cleanly and efficiently.


The Situation

As a custom design manufacturer, about 95% of Heinzen’s projects are engineered to order or modification designs.  Most projects have a 6 to12-week cycle and require partial release of BOMs at different stages.  Heinzen needed a solution that allowed for these partial BOM releases in order to keep projects moving.  They also needed a system and vendor that understood their business process and who would provide exemplary customer service and work with HMI to grow their business.

Originally a Total ETO customer, as Heinzen was expanding management thought a larger enterprise resource processing (ERP) solution was the answer.  However, after spending $500,000 on the new system, they realized it could not deal with multiple BOM releases and took far too long to release from the engineering module to Purchasing.


The Solution

Total ETO’s automation software is designed by engineers for engineers.  From sales to shipping, our end to end solution solves every common problem preventing engineer-to-order (ETO) businesses from running smoothly.


Results & Benefits


·      Multiple releases to purchasing through dynamic integration

·      With seamless integration to SolidWorks, providing flexibility to create and change project BOMs at any point

·      Truly ETO software, mirroring the unique workflow and processes of the industry

·      Ability to track work orders easily, so managers know the status and cost of any project at any time

·      Highly configurable solution, providing the most flexibility to meet current and future needs