Total ETO | Advantages

Total ETO is designed exclusively for engineer-to-order organizations.  We understand that the needs of your Engineer to order shop are significantly different than any other type of manufacturing, even make to order shops, so your solution needs to be different.  All of our clients are ETO design and build shops, so Total ETO fits your specific needs and is easy to learn and use.

Features include:

   Rich integration with SolidWorks and Inventor, allowing you to design and synchronize many times over the course of a job.

   BOM imports with any CAD system, including AutoCAD Electrical, EPLAN, Catia, CREO or Solid Edge.

   Deeply nested and dynamic BOMs.

   Incredible control of which items are released to purchasing and which are not ready, so you can start buying long lead items and completed sub-assemblies earlier, giving you time to shop for best pricing and delivery.

   Streamlined communication between Engineering and purchasing departments.

   Buy items directly to the job.

   Expediting features allow you to stay on top of your vendors.

   Spares and Parts Orders can be completed without engineering involvement.

   Labor collection and timecards allows you to track your job labor costs accurately

   Real time committed job costing, so you can keep track of your costs before it’s too late.  

   QuickBooks integration means you can use the most popular and proven accounting system in the world instead of settling for an ERP supplied system, or you can keep your existing accounting system like Sage and let us integrate with it.