Total ETO | Sales and Order Management

Sales and Order Management

   Your sales team can track all prospect and customer information, including contacts, leads and opportunities.

   Maximize the re-use of your sales and engineering efforts.  Reference prior proposals & project details, profitability, as-built engineering detail, including budgets and accurate actual cost data.

   Large complex projects can be broken down into smaller chunks that are easier to document, estimate and quote.

   Easily create ‘what-if’ proposals with core engineering and well documented design options.

   Spares and Parts Orders can be quoted and fast-tracked through fulfillment without unnecessarily involving engineering.  Old jobs and bills of material can be easily searched and spares and other parts can be quickly added and quoted in just a few clicks and nearly no typing.

   Service and warranty jobs can be tied back to original jobs for lifetime cost\revenue analysis.

   Change Orders can be created at the project or job level, and can track changes to costs, quantities or sales prices.