Improved communication with suppliers, partners, customers and employees, through easy to use electronic interaction, dramatically optimizes business processes, increases responsiveness and enables new levels of achievement throughout the enterprise. The collaborative and secure foundation provides improved controls through the use of workflow, document management and threaded discussions. In addition, the system allows for personalization at both the system and user levels. These added controls increase compliance as well as help tailor and extend the application increasing usability and adaptability to best fit the business requirements.
Many difficulties in business process management relate to “off-system” manual tasks, such as notification, investigation, authorization, and follow up. has the ability to automate business processes through the use of workflow templates; making it easier to control and administer standard processes through the necessary steps. This allows companies to improve and standardize functions across the company without burdensome manual administration and provides employees visibility into the status of “in-process” tasks, making it easier for them to execute their tasks effectively.
The workflow engine automatically monitors the execution of each activated workflow to assure its timely processing and allows users to quickly determine the exact state of an in-process workflow.
When assessing how a comprehensive ERP application fits each individual business requirement, Visibility recognizes that seldom does “one size fit all”. offers a number of built-in options that allow a business to set up, adjust and extend the core application to best fit the business requirements within the standard framework.
Document Management
Files and documents can be attached to any transaction or to master data. Attached documents are efficiently uploaded for storage in the backend relational database and linked to the originating transaction for absolute audit control. Attached documents can be retrieved for review via reference to the original transaction at any time.
Secure Portals implements the use of  role based security to assign each role the most appropriate access to transactions, application forms and reports. Based on the role to which each user is assigned, the application will display only those forms, reports, transactions and field level information to which the individual has access.
Threaded Discussions
Transactions and master data forms may be configured to allow for entry and maintenance of threaded comments. Threaded comments store notes in a conversational thread for multi-user collaboration. This is particularly useful for maintaining notes against items that need approvals, or for expediters’ notes on projects or orders. All comments are automatically stamped with user identification and the date and time.