Visibility Business Intelligence Analyzers
Visibility's Reporting and Analytic analyzers unlock critical business information and transform data into knowledge. These solutions are easily deployed to work with your current business systems and existing IT infrastructure. All pre-built departmental analyzers are designed with a best practice architecture that facilitates speed to deploy, and flexibility to accommodate unique KPI's for your organization. Some of the measurements you can expect to analyze in the business intelligence package are: General Ledger, Cash Management, Projects, Budgets, Actual Costs, Employees, Departments, Trends, Contributions, Returns, Suppliers, Number of Orders, Value of Orders and much more.
Business Intelligence Benefits
• Increase speed to access and analyze key business  data to make informed fact-based decisions faster
• Empower business users with tools to spot and explore trends
• Improve quality information and facilitate data consolidations
• Provide consistent data across the organization so users can spend less time reconciling differences
• Replace Home-Grown or ineffective standard report writer products
• Provide powerful analysis for intuitive assessment of business information
• Utilize existing IT infrastructure
• Reduce workload and impact on transactional systems
• Users can perform ad-hoc analysis through a drag & drop functionality
• Give your staff the power to access, analyze and collaborate
• Utilize software tools you already own, but are not employing fully