WorkWise ERP | Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Enhance customer service and increase inventory turns with the WorkWise ERP Inventory module. The Inventory module enables the replenishment of materials and products without increasing inventory investments. 

Project phased inventory and access “available to promise” information instantly. Information is updated with every transaction and includes all consumption and replenishment actions. Quickly drill down to see specific orders involved during any period.

The Inventory module in WorkWise ERP includes the following key features:

        Unlimited locations, bins, lots and serial numbers
        Cycle counting and physical inventory
        Reorder advice with Order Point Logic
        Stock status with Time Phased Projected Balances
        Detailed summary transaction history/audit 
        Item classifications and stocking flags

The benefits of the WorkWise ERP Inventory module includes the ability to anticipate demand, increase inventory turns, gain more accurate forecasting and real-time access to information, and enhanced customer service.