WorkWise ERP | Mobile Inventory Control

Mobile Inventory Control 

Validate and update transactions in real-time with WorkWise ERP's Mobile Inventory Control (MIC) capabilities. 

Mobile Inventory Control (MIC) is a set of mobile transactions designed for hand-held devices. MIC capabilities allow users to deploy bar-code enabled, hand-held mobile devices selectively.

With WorkWise's MIC, transactions validate and update in real-time. The MIC ERP application includes Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, and Shop Floor transactions, all with bar code label printing functionality. MIC works directly with the WorkWise ERP database to improve inventory accuracy; inventory control; provide better lot, bin and serial management, and improve lot traceability.

WorkWise ERP Mobile Inventory Control (MIC) includes the following features:

Purchase Order Receipts
Customer Order Shipping
SO Completions
SO Material Issues
Item / Bin Look-up
Physical Inventory
Cycle Count
Bin-to-Bin Transfer

The benefits of WorkWise ERP MIC include the ability to eliminate paperwork throughout the supply chain, connect workers with real-time information to reduce error rates, and improve accuracy and productivity.