WorkWise ERP | Racine Metal Fab

Case Study: Racine Metal Fab

Solution:  WorkWise ERP

Industry: Metal Fabrication

Location: Menomonee Falls, WI, USA


About The Company 


Racine Metal Fab (RMF) is a specialty metal fabricator serving a variety of industries, including commercial lighting, medical equipment, energy, and appliance components. Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment as well as a highly skilled team of experts, Racine Metal Fab is known for their technical expertise, high quality, and reliability. “We really care about our customers’ success,” said Scott Lucas, CEO of RMF. “We help them develop prototypes, produce design concepts, and select the best materials for their projects. Our goal is to help them get their products to market fast, and keep them on the market longer.”


The Situation


RMF decided to focus on making their manufacturing processes as fast and efficient as possible. At the center of these improvements is WorkWise ERP. “We loved that WorkWise is completely integrated, and that it’s so easy to use.” said Kim Nichols, CEO and owner of RMF.


They began by looking at their document management process, which had been a very time consuming task. Shop order packets were manually printed, assembled, and run out to the shop floor. Packets were sometimes lost, and if any engineering changes needed to be made, someone had to physically chase down the order to notify workers of the changes. “Before we had WorkWise eProduction, we were constantly chasing down packets. Now, we have everything we need right on the screen.” said Bill Sorenson, a Set Up Technician on the shop floor.


The Solution


With WorkWise ERP, RMF has increased visibility into their system and improved accuracy. “Now, information on engineering changes is immediately available to the workers on the floor. Through eProduction and Document Management, we can have a packet out to the plant in 30 seconds if we have to,” said Mike Campise, IT Systems Specialist


Results & Benefits


RMF has saved money throughout almost every aspect of their business with WorkWise, including quoting, document management, plant scheduling and more. “The WorkWise system increased our speed and actually reduced the amount of errors we had throughout the manufacturing process.” said Kenton Merrick, a Project Engineer.

The additional insight into their manufacturing process is enabling Racine Metal Fab to increase productivity, accuracy, as well as save money and reduce errors. Because of this, RMF has achieved flexibility and efficiency that helps ensure the productivity and satisfaction of its customers.