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ERP User Training

With one of the industry’s most comprehensive ERP training programs, WorkWise provides its customers with resources designed to help them get the best usage of their software. The provided training ensures success for your business and a complete understanding of how your software works. WorkWise will guide you through all stages of ERP software including providing knowledge about planning and software implementation.

Training with WorkWise is flexible; choose between the options of online or on-site training sessions as well as your choice of receiving training at our location or yours. WorkWise wants to help you get the absolute most out of your ERP software, which is why we encourage customers to attend training sessions designed for your specific industry. 

Additional training resources include:

• Training classes – a comprehensive series of interactive, web-based training workshops.

• WorkWise Education Series – indulge in educational, free 60-minute webinars, if enrolled    in an ERP software maintenance plan.

• ERP Training Library – our customer care center gives access to our library containing hundreds of ERP video courses.
• User Group Meetings - User Group Meetings are great opportunities to meet with other software users, review product updates, engage in Q&A’s and provide software feedback.