WorkWise ERP | Strongwell

Case Study: Strongwell


Solution:  WorkWise ERP

Industry: Polymer Manufacturer

Location: Bristol, VA, USA


About The Company 


Located in Bristol, Virginia, Strongwell manufactures high quality, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products by using a continuous automatic process known as pultrusion. The company, which has been in business since 1956, currently has three manufacturing locations and more than 645,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Recognized as the world’s leading and largest pultruder of FRP, Strongwell is dedicated to providing strong customer service.


The Situation


Before Strongwell’s search began for a new ERP system, they were beginning to experience outdated software that no longer suited the company. “The main reason we were looking for a new ERP system was because we were a Y2K company. Our existing software had been purchased some time ago and modified heavily. We determined that maintaining it wasn’t feasible from an economic standpoint.”


The Solution


“WorkWise spent a lot of time with us in order to understand our manufacturing process. We’re fairly unique, and there’s not that many companies in the world that do what we (Strongwell) do. WorkWise spent the time and really made us feel like they understood what we were doing and where we were going. That was a very large factor in determining what vendor to choose.”


Results & Benefits

“Having a full featured, fully integrated system, with all of the modules working together, the ability to look at inventory control and all of the manufacturing requirements, those were things that we didn’t have before. The integrated system brought us greater efficiency.” Utilizing WorkWise ERP has made Dave’s job easier in many ways, including the transferring of information and eliminating the possibility of duplicate data entry.