BatchMaster Manufacturing | Compliance


Compliance capabilities across BatchMaster software modules ensure that federal and industry specific regulatory mandates are met, in terms of generating specific product labeling and industry standard compliance reports. BatchMaster keeps current with best practice processes for many process industries, including Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Chemicals, and Life Sciences. In addition, screen security and transactional audit trails meet corporate and regulatory governance requirements.

Product developers can check new and revised product formula characteristics against USDA, Genesis and user defined product databases. Production staff can track and trace suspect materials from receiving through shipping, shipping back to receiving, and anywhere within WIP. Industry specific labels and reports can be manually or automatically generated during production.

Key Features:
  • Alert product developers that a given formula’s ingredients exceed industry established percentages or recommended daily intake levels
  • Generate product labels, certificates of analysis and lot traceability reports
  • Support Food related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, FDA and GFSA requirements
  • Support Chemical related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, SARA Type III, REACH, HAZMAT, SDS, MSDS and INCI requirements
  • Personalize all labels and reports
  • Support the special processing and reporting of allergens and organic ingredients, as well as Kosher and Halal products
  • Maintain change records for all formula, bills of material and batch jobs
What Compliance can do for You!
Compliance functionality contained in each of BatchMaster software modules allows you to efficiently establish customer and corporate standards, and support changing customer demands and ever more stringent regulatory mandates. It can help you achieve and retain industry certifications, such as a GFSI advanced Food Safety Certification. Most importantly, Compliance can protect your brand and avoid unnecessary fines.

You are able to administer and execute sample inspections to meet ISO and GMP regulations. Meet international and domestic, labeling and reporting requirements through integrated quality and compliance management.

One key compliance feature supported in production is mandating the execution of defined SOP instructions and QC tests before moving onto the next step in production.