IFS Applications 10 | IFS Maintenance Summary/Features

IFS Maintenance Summary/Features 

As part of a complete enterprise asset management (EAM) system, IFS’s asset management components enable you to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the world around you. Easy to work with and access, the solution contains the comprehensiveness and depth of functionality that you need for day-to-day asset requirements as well as continuous development and improvement. IFS offers you functionality for maintenance scheduling and work orders, but also extends the EAM solution with human resources, purchasing, risk management, finance, document management and more making it a powerful application.  

IFS Equipment

IFS EquipmentTM manages and structures information about your machines, buildings, ventilation systems, transport systems and/or any asset you need to maintain, whether it is a production facility or a complex delivery facility. Both functional and serial objects are handled with full cost control.

IFS Work Order 

IFS Work OrderTM makes your maintenance operations more efficient, cutting direct and indirect costs and reducing the loss of revenue due to downtime. It manages all tasks affecting your maintenance organization—fault reporting, preparation, planning, execution, and final reporting. The graphical work order scheduling tool enables you to handle resources, skills and operations by using drag-and-drop functions. Complete traceability via information access layers provides complete follow-up and analysis management.  It also provides support for personal and equipment safety.  

IFS Preventive Maintenance 

IFS Preventive MaintenanceTM helps you manage schedules for regular preventive maintenance. You can organize and prepare all kinds of tasks in a facility. You can also schedule tasks according to your own maintenance parameters, such as machine condition, specific events, a calendar, or even whether an employee or contractor must perform the tasks.  IFS Preventive Maintenance also manages tests required by various authorities as well as general, recurring tasks.

IFS Maintenance Planning 

IFS Maintenance Planning BoardTM enables you to plan resources more efficiently by streamlining work order scheduling and activity planning, providing a common way of planning preventive maintenance and initiating corrective maintenance. The graphical drag-and-drop interface lets you make changes quickly and simply. The IFS Maintenance Planning Board (MPB) schedules and optimizes planned maintenance activities based on constraints like availability of staff, material and tools, calendars, criticality and priority of work. IFS MPB also features a unique capability to take operational plans into account when doing scheduling to disrupt operations as little as possible and make sudden changes in operations as an opportunity to perform maintenance. Through integration with IFS Human Resources, it enables you to automatically compare personnel needs with the availability of various competencies.

IFS Complex MRO 

IFS Complex MROTM helps you provide superior customer service and reduce costs through leaner, more efficient MRO operations. By aligning personnel, material, and other resource requirements, you can reliably meet due dates and improve turnaround times.
IFS Overall Equipment Effectiveness 

IFS Overall Equipment Effectiveness™ enables you to increase revenue by making it easier to evaluate proposed improvements in equipment performance and to balance between KPIs to operate as effectively as possible. It manages all operational events such as availability, performance, quality, and OEE. The solution has an easy-to-use graphical interface for operators and process engineers.