IFS Applications 10 | Visual Planning & Scheduling

IFS Visual Planning & Scheduling  

IFS Visual Planning & Scheduling™ optimizes your production schedule using infinite or finite capacity. Through graphical presentation of the plan, it becomes easy to identify potential capacity bottlenecks or material shortages. The interactive design allows you to directly act and immediately resolve capacity or material shortages. The solution also includes support for sequencing, set-up optimization and the possibility to group operations that share similar characteristics into blocks planned as one unit.  IFS Manufacturing Visualizer supports planners and management in their operational work. This out-of-the-box configurable solution provides up-to-date information about the current production status from a resource (machine and labor) and material situation.  It's more than just a highly graphical visualization tool; the IFS Manufacturing Visualizer also works as the foundation for initiating necessary actions to support your production processes. The Visualizer also comes with auto refresh functionality which enables online monitoring of your production.