SAP Business One | Inventory Management

Inventory management

SAP Business One ERP solution delivers a robust inventory management module to help manufacturing and distribution businesses better manage inventory. The Inventory Management module facilitates efficient inventory management in real-time across multiple warehouses. Maintain cost-effective production, optimize inventory levels, and improve on-time delivery with the ability to track and record all stock movement. Manage detailed warehouse data and gain the capacity to plan production orders based on material requirement planning (MRP).

The inventory management tools in SAP Business One ERP system help to reduce inventory costs and improve customer satisfaction. SAP Business One offers full transparency of inventory and accounting transactions with powerful reporting tools to help to reduce improve business insight. Generate up-to-the-minute reports based on continuous inventory data for powerful item management. This inventory management module fully integrates with other modules within the solution such as sales and purchasing to provide efficient and accurate stock management.

SAP Business One enterprise resource planning solution offers the following features in its Inventory Management module:

  • Manage stock using multiple units of measure and pricing.

  • Employ various costing models such as average cost, FIFO, etc. as defined throughout the business or by warehouse.

  • Track stock transfers, record goods receipts and issues, perform cycle counts, and enable consignment and drop-ship options.

  • Create and maintain multi-level Bills of Materials (BOMs); globally maintain prices.

  • Automatically create warranty records with Serial Number Tracking.

  • Gain full traceability with Batch and Lot Tracking functionality.

  • Manage the picking and packing process with multiple queues and automatically generated pick lists.

  • Quickly perform cycle counts with stocktake capabilities.