SAP Business One | Advantages


SAP Business One ERP software offers a robust, single-application solution for small- to medium-sized manufacturing and distributing businesses. All core functionality is built into the Business One application in a user-friendly, highly customizable format.

Business One aids in streamlining end-to-end operations and boosting profitable growth with centralized information that allows real-time access to data across all departments. Reduce administrative costs by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

SAP Business One enterprise resource planning software is a scalable solution that fosters organizational expansion to support the necessary growth in manufacturing businesses. Business One is easy to implement and maintain, minimizing time spent on end-user training. Industry-specific enhancements can be installed as needed to refine the solution quickly without the need for technical staff. Extensions are integrated automatically into the core functionality of the solution.

The advantages offered by SAP Business One ERP solution include the following benefits and features:

  • Automatic Alerts eliminate the need to query the system for information by delivering reports to the appropriate recipients at predetermined times.

  • Accounting and Financials aid in managing the general ledger, budgets, journals, and accounts payables and receivables.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales support the entire sales process from the first contact to post-closing by managing customer data.

  • Purchasing and Operations efficiently and effectively help to direct the entire procurement process.

  • Inventory and Distribution aid in managing, tracking, and recording inventory levels across multiple warehouses and locations.

  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) supports efficient purchasing and production planning via powerful material management tools.

  • Batch Traceability optimizes stock inventory by helping to maintain ideal product levels.

  • Stock and Warehouse Management aids in managing stock and warehouse data by tracking and reporting stock levels, price agreements, item management, and transfers between warehouses.

  • Availability to Promise provides effective supply chain management by offering the ability to quote available quantities and delivery dates to customers with accuracy.

  • Bills of Materials (BOM) supports an unlimited number of BOM levels while providing a single production view for improved management of entire product structures.