abas Cloud | Multi-Site Functionality

Multi-Site Functionality

The multi-site features offered in abas Cloud ERP system provide a variety of functions for multi-site manufacturing businesses. Gain the ability to automate tasks, including multiple steps in the manufacturing and distribution process, across multiple locations and businesses with distribution requirements planning (DRP) capabilities to create a robust and efficient supply chain.

The multi-site capabilities in abas Cloud ERP system offer the following benefits and features for multi-site manufacturing companies:

  • Mobile ERP capabilities provide an array of mobile apps to support sales, warehouse management, delivery, CRM, inventory management, point-of-sale (POS), and service all of which automatically sync with abas Cloud ERP master data for convenience and efficiency.

  • Master Data Synchronization allows for scheduled syncs between different servers across multiple locations.

  • Inter-Company Planning gives users the ability to manage processes and transactions across multiple sites without the need to run a separate ERP system.

  • Multi-Company Supply Chain Planning delivers the flexibility required to plan and manage supply and demand across multiple companies and locations via automation and accurate reporting.