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Cost Accounting

A comprehensive cost accounting module in abas Cloud ERP system helps manufacturing businesses to quantify the cost efficiency of products and services. Improve decision making and boost financial success. Cost accounting tools in abas Cloud ERP not only track the costs of goods and services, but also provide users with the necessary tools to compare costs under various circumstances. Gain the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze the benefits and liabilities of any product or process.

The cost accounting features in abas Cloud ERP solution include the ability to map internal exchanges of services via an automatic offsetting function for a more accurate accounting of costs. Cost accounting features in abas Cloud ERP support flexible planned cost accounting that automatically adjusts planned costs to actual circumstances for a clearer view into the company’s financial health. The cost accounting module is fully integrated with the financial accounting module via cost types to provide a more efficient accounting structure. Easily gain access to evaluations between different cost types and P&L accounts for more informed decision making.