abas Cloud | Inventory Control

Inventory Control

abas Cloud ERP Inventory Control module helps to manage and control all inventory movement efficiently. Speed up turnover times of goods and better coordinate stock flow with visual planning tools. Plan more efficiently with materials management reports. Quickly identify key fluctuations and recognize trends.

abas Cloud ERP Inventory Control Module offers the following features and benefits:

  • Simplified Stocktaking allows for periodic or perpetual inventory taking. Centrally controlled Stocking Center provides full traceability.

  • Route-optimized Picking allows for quicker processing of orders and increased revenues.

  • Reservations help to ensure that materials are ready when needed with configurable reservation scenarios.

  • Lot and Serial Management feature records and manages all products in the supply chain providing precise documentation of all lot movements.

  • Product Consumption Sequence (LIFO/FIFO) provides concise documentation of product movement resulting costs.