abas Cloud | Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management module in abas Cloud ERP solution supports manufacturing businesses in mapping and managing stock and warehouses. Maintain user-friendly hierarchies and gain a complete overview of raw materials, operational materials, spare parts, and finished products for increased cost efficiency and productivity.

abas Cloud Warehouse Management capabilities include the ability to create and manage multiple warehouses and storage locations. Map multiple storage types and implement storage strategies as needed. abas Cloud ERP system provides detailed information regarding all items in each storage location. Make stock revaluations and corrections effortlessly.

The Warehouse Management module in abas Cloud ERP system includes the following features:

  • Precise mapping of stock environment

  • Route-optimized picking

  • Allows for negative stock levels

  • Simplified transfer of reservations procedure

  • Configurable reservation scenarios

  • Warehouse management in multiple locations