abas Cloud | Work Order Management

Work Order Management

The Work Order Management module in abas Cloud ERP system delivers robust tools that allow manufacturing businesses to release work orders based on individual needs. Update due dates or change raw materials requirements via abas Cloud’s user-friendly dashboard. Utilize the solution’s planning and scheduling tools to view all work orders in an up-to-date, shareable, graphical layout. Centrally view and manage all production processes and utilize work order suggestions based on varied criteria.

The Work Order Management module in abas Cloud ERP system provides the following features and benefits for manufacturing businesses:

  • Change sales orders and operation dates as needed via capacity planning capabilities then view graphically displayed date amendments.

  • Analyze the production load and get a detailed view into any production problems, such as bottlenecks, for further analysis.

  • Quickly toggle between procurement status and plan chart information.

  • Post material withdrawals.

  • Print shop floor paperwork.

  • View unfinished operations in capacity view as outstanding backlog.

  • Prioritize work processes based on sales forecasts, minimum stock requirements, and other criteria.

  • Create production schedules based on available material and time.

  • Define KPIs for crucial planning scenarios.

  • Identify alternative resources to shift schedules and optimize demand planning.